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The Excellence
Resource Center

Learn More About The Resource Center

The Excellence Resource Center is a “one-stop” resource for youth ages 13-24 involved in the school discipline and criminal legal system. The youth and their families are referred from schools, courts, or juvenile probation systems. The “one-stop” approach is necessary to prevent youth and their families from traveling all over town to access resources or services.

Because Central Texas does not have an expansive public transportation system providing a one-stop resource center is critically important. This two-pronged approach provides support to families with limited resources and decreases the number of families that do not receive services because they cannot travel to them or because they are unaware of locally available services

The core values of the center are:

A safe and caring environment

A welcoming environment where all can feel like they can realize their potential, excel and advance

An environment that celebrates diversity, race and culture

A continuum of resources, supports and services in the most appropriate settings (large, small group or individualized) respecting the dignity of the client The EAF will leverage its community partnership to provide a comprehensive package of resources and services. Upon referral, each youth will have an individualized service delivery plan. We understand that a one-size fits all protocol doesn’t work for children that have become involved in the school discipline or criminal justice system.

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