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“Guns And Safety Aren’t Synonymous For Us”: Some Black Texans Fear Plans To Arm More Teachers

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Alex Samuels | The Texas Tribune

Round Rock High School senior Ahmir Johnson (left) and junior Addison Favors are among students of color who fear an expansion of the state's school marshal program will impact them more than others. Credit: Juan Figueroa/The Texas Tribune

Alex Samuels | The Texas Tribune

Black students, who are already overrepresented in disciplinary referrals, say their fears come as lawmakers consider a slew of bills to expand the state’s school marshal program in response to a deadly shooting last year.

“We already get profiled based on the clothes we wear, how we look, our hair, what color our eyes are — and the main thing is the color of our skin,” Johnson said. “[Lawmakers] can’t cover up how these programs might have an unintentional impact on students of color.”

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